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As my wife and I just mailed off our harsh, yet cordial, letter of cancellation to Medi-Cal for Familes, after repeated failed attempts and 45 minute wait times over the phone to cancel something we never asked for, I feel now would be as good a time as any to add to the validity of this breaking news story.

Here is our own personal, and true story of our experience with “The Affordable Care Act.

Last November during open enrollment, in light of the third year in a row of my increased health insurance premiums, I was encouraged by others and my employer at the time to go on to the coveredca.com website to obtain a quote for insurance to compare and see if it would be cheaper than my employer plan.

Let me start by saying that the website exceeded every bit of my preconceived expectations of running as slow as the days of AOL dial-up internet with each navigation of the pages (75 minutes of my life I wish I could have back).

Next, after inputting each and every name, date of birth, sex, and relationship of each and every dependents relationship to not only me, but their relationship to each other member I was inputting. (Just an aside, my wife and I have a very large family with an enormous carbon footprint of dirty diapers that would make liberals like Al Gore cringe, but is in fact probably only about 1/10th of the carbon footprint of Veep Gore’s home and lifestyle) but I digress….

Finally, we get to the submit application button…..

Waiting…waiting…waiting….like sands through the hourglass….

Result and drumroll, please…..

My wife and I qualify for two really good and inexpensive Silver plans, about $130. a month for each PPO.

But wait, what about my kids….don’t fret, they qualify for Medi-Cal and your application has been forwarded to Medi-Cal and you will be contacted by them within a few weeks.

Say what now? But…I was just looking for a quote for my family for a nice PPO. You know, one where we get to choose which doctors we want to see.

So I figured, okay, maybe because of my large family size, the household income I had input (which by the way, never gets verified) was too low and it considered us poverty level.

Next, I went back in to “make changes” to the income section of my application. Increased our household income to ($125,000) annual…you know, just for laughs, since they don’t verify anyway.

Wait, what….still shows my kids get Medi-Cal and will be contacted in a few weeks, and now my wife’s premium and my own went from $180. to $375. a month.

Hmm…this is bizarre.

I don’t recall anything about the Affordable Care Act mentioning Medi-Cal being a part of it. It was already my understanding that Medi-Cal was already available to those that couldn’t afford health insurance and were below the poverty level.

Quite interesting indeed.

It was at this point my wheels starting to turn and steam was coming out of my ears that it dawned on me. Hey, wait a minute. Perhaps Obama, Pelosi, Reid and the like, with their 1000s of pages of a bill that they didn’t read, perhaps that was the plan all along. Perhaps they thought to themselves, if we can put all of the children on Medi-caid then that wouldn’t count against the “published” cost of this Affordable HealthCare, and we can still say that we have insured millions that didn’t have insurance.

Perhaps this was just an oversight.

Perhaps this was a Ponzi scheme.

Perhaps I am just a conspiracy theorist.

Or maybe, just maybe…..Jonathan Gruber, the architect and advisor to Obama got it right when he said, “The stupidity of the American voter will help pass the Affordable Care Act.”