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Mr. Middle Class Economics

In light of the President’s SOTU speech last week, in which he must have been compelled to educate the “American Public” (in reality he was just speaking to the Republican majority in Congress) on what he feels would be best for our country going forward in what he called, “Middle Class Economics.”

As a member of this aforementioned “middle class,” a financial planner, a small business owner, a teacher of economics, and a husband and father that lives in the “real world” not “bubble of Washington D.C. politics.”     I feel it is my responsibility and duty to respond on behalf of Middle Class America.

I first would like to pose just a few questions to the President and to all of our so-called, “elected representatives:”

1. Are you a member of the middle class?

2. Do you own or have you ever owned or ran your own business?

3. Do you have any background in economics or business, or just a law degree?

4. Do you have ObamaCare Insurance or private insurance, or do you get government benefits as a government employee?

5. Are you responsible for saving in an IRA and 401K for your retirement, or do you get a pension and a TSP account through your government position?

6. How much time do you and your family actually spend living or even visiting the area that elected you into office? Or do you just keep a 2nd or 3rd home there just for tax and election purposes?

7. Lastly, do you have an actual “real job” like the rest of Middle Class America, or is your full-time job being a career politician (rather than an elected rep) that gets paid with nice benefits and perks to represent the people that voted you into office to represent their interests?

The middle-class economics lesson that the President gave to us in his SOTU address, like most political speeches, was a lot of opinion and quite a few misleading facts. You know, facts or truth, those annoying little things that seem to get in the way of agendas.

Here are just a few economic “fun facts” from us Middle Class America:

Fact: Since the passage of The “Affordable” HealthCare Act, my healthcare insurance has increased each and every year since this Act was passed.

My insurance premiums before the passing of the bill was $384 a month for me and my family. Upon passing of the bill, during open enrollment later that year, I do recall receiving a letter from our HR department stating that “Due to the passing of the affordable healthcare act you will see an increase in your insurance premiums next year as our company is now responsible for covering dependents up to the age of 25.” Since that first year increase, my insurance increased the following year to $584, then to $789 a month and for this year to cover my family, even with a high deductible PPO plan (which by the way has also increased each year) would cost me $1,200. a month for just health insurance for my family.

Affordable HealthCare? Not so affordable.

Fact: Wage increase has been on a steady decline.

While it is great that unemployment rate has been declining, wage increases have not even kept up with inflation, let alone the increased cost of healthcare insurance among other necessities.

While the rich get richer, the poor get government assistance, and the middle class gets what? AMT?

Fact: My water bill, grocery bill, cell phone bill, electric bill, and rent have all increased every year.

The part that these bigger government, more regulation politicians continue to fail to understand is that if you keep increasing regulations, or fees, or taxes to these so-called “evil, greedy corporations” all of these added layers of cost and bureaucracy just gets passed on to “Middle Class America.”

But this is something only a small business owner or someone that actually lives outside the beltway, that works hard every day to put food on the table for their family can understand.

So, on behalf of Middle Class America and the poor, please do us all a favor and stop pretending you live or understand the real world that we face every day.

If you truly want to help us middle class, then stop the rhetoric about the greedy rich paying their “fair” share. They earned it, they should get to keep it. Us middle class do not want nor are we asking for any “handouts.” We just want you the government that cannot run anything efficiently, to stay out of our way and let our own hard work lift us up a class.