I was raised as a democrat with traditional Catholic values. Attended liberal New York City and Los Angeles public schools and grew up in liberal household. Graduated college on the far left (far, far, left…. I’m talking left of Chris Matthews and John Kerry) and agnostic at best. After September 11th happened, everything changed. God began to open my heart and eyes to a lot of different things and slowly began move to the right. I started to actually listen to both sides and read and learn as much as possible. No longer believed what I believed because “that’s how I was raised and taught in school.”

Nowadays, my values and the policies that I agree with, come from God and the Bible. I take each issue one by one and make up my own mind, about what is first and foremost Biblical, best for this country and for my family. Do not care if Democratic Issue or Republican Issue. Do not care if Liberal Issue or Conservative Issue. Do not care about Left or Right, Red or Blue. Only care about specific issue and how it will align with the ultimate authority (God), our great nation, my state, my city, my community, my family. A rare concept these days.

The intent of this blog is to talk about three of my favorite subjects (aside from my family).  Money, Politics and Religion.  Three things that people love to discuss but try not to.  These three things are typically very important to most people…..so they should be discussed…..calmly, rationally, and with something that is highly lacking these days, but I hope to bring……


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