What’s Trending Now?


 Obama proposes one-time 14% tax on overseas earning by WSJ

The smart way to teach children about money by WSJ

How Bitcoin works, forwarded by Tim Challies

U.S. Consumer spending posts biggest drop since 2009, Marketwatch

Wall Street gears up as White House Pushes Retirement Fund Rules, OWS

7 Common IRA Mistakes, FP


 Cuba issues a demand for Guantanamo by Stratfor

Barack Obama’s Have it all Budget, Politico

Ukraine: Separatists Vow New Offensive, U.S. considers sending weapons, Stratfor


Rules for Biblical Dating, Jason Dees

 Romance in a busy marriage, Focus on the Family


 Liberals seek PC Exemption, National Review

Is pot the new gay marriage, Politico

Monday morning humor, The Gospel Coalition

Patriots win SuperBowl, Washington Post

5 Best Ads of Super Bowl

7 Lessons from 50 Shades of Grey, Tim Challies

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