Fantasy Island

California never ceases to amaze me.  On Tuesday, the entire country wakes up and tells our President and Congress: “No More! Change Course!  We’ve had enough!”

Yet California, Nevada and Massachusetts all say, “Good Work, Let’s keep it up!”  The states with the worst unemployment, worst housing markets and highest taxes (aside from Nevada) all say….more of the same please!

One could understand Jerry Brown’s election, even if not a kool-aid drinker.  Perhaps many Independents felt that we currently have a governor that had no experience, or that Brown “can” (will he is another story) work with both sides and get things done.  And it also looks like women and minorities just could not relate to Meg Whitman who ran a bad campaign. 

Barbara “Call me Senator!” Boxer however is another story.  How does a state re-elect a Senator that has been at the helm for now, four different decades, and never saw a spending, entitlement, tax increase or fee increase bill she didn’t like, get re-elected, by a large margin.  Over-seeing a once great state, to become a state with the greatest budget deficit in history, largely in part due to the Mafia Unions she helped create, piloting us on a crash-course to insolvency.

How does the single most powerful woman in politics, speaker (soon to be former speaker) Nancy Pelosi get re-elected with almost a 90 percent majority, while she was in charge of the biggest spending congress, and as polls showed, the lowest approval rating of any congress in history.  Maybe the people of San Francisco were still emotional coming off of the Giants World Series victory that they got confused and thought the ballot read, “Buster Posey,” not “Nancy Pelosi.”  Or maybe the people of San Francisco live on the same Fantasy Island as the Speaker who recently said that her congress “helped to reduce the deficit.”

The good news is that us Californians are not alone in our contrarian stupidity.  We have our neighbors to the East who also re-elected Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid who oversaw his state’s housing market into the ground, not to mention their issues with immigration.  The good news for Nevada is that they have been able to steal the more intelligent Californians who left to the lower-taxed, more business friendly state of Nevada (take note California and D.C.).

Our friends on the East Coast made up the trifecta as they re-elected Barney Frank, although his was a very close race.  Barney Frank, whom along with “Former Senator” Chris Dodd, one can argue are the two men most responsible for our housing and economic crisis as they not only oversaw the demise of Fannie and Freddie Mac, but Rep Frank was very publicly adamant about the solvency of Fannie and Freddie as he kept pushing for expansion, as home ownership in his eyes, is a right!  At least Connecticut was smart enough to rid themselves of Dodd.  Although they do have the highest taxes in all  the land.

It is amazing that the state of California, as liberal as it is, re-elects their liberal captains, yet says no to Prop 19 (to legalize marijuana).  Perhaps they were smoking some marijuana, just before heading to the polls.

For years I have been hearing the “environmentalists” trying to scare us by saying that one day, California will become separated from the United States by a big earthquake and become an island.  While I do not see that happening, I can say with certainty that Politically, Philosophically and mentally, we are already there…..on Fantasy Island.  Welcome!


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