The Show Me State Showed Congress

The Show Me State of Missouri showed up at the polls to pass Proposition C with a 71% majority. Prop C establishes a state law that says Missouri cannot force people to pay a penalty or fine if they fail to carry health insurance coverage. This requirement of coverage is the most controversial aspect (along with the cost and current budget deficit) of ObamaCare bill passed back in March.

Also this week, a federal judge in Virginia allowed the state’s challenge to federal law move forward.

Numerous other state attorney generals have taken similar stances and have similar propositions on their November ballots.

With the rise of the Tea Party, the biggest budget deficits in the history of our country, the worst economic crisis since The Great Depression (not sure what was so great about it though….shouldn’t we have called it the Horrible Depression), corruption, scandals (Blagiovich, Rangel, Watters ACORN), Iraq withdrawal, Afghan war, and government intervention of the private sector and the Bush Tax Cuts that are about to expire, this will make for a very interesting, highly contested and heated mid-term election.

It is often said that as Missouri goes, so goes the National elections. “Show me the polls and the voice of the people, not the politicians and special interest groups!”

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The Contest


Glamour magazine?

I can remember the first time I saw that episode of Seinfeld, back in 1992.  Oh, you know the one….”The Contest,” when George’s mother catches him with a Glamour magazine.  This famous episode certainly did garner a lot of “water cooler” talk that following day, and deservedly so.  It was quite a controversial “pushing-the-envelope” episode, without ever even mentioning the M-word.

Ironically, in that episode, Jerry makes fun of George because it was a Glamour magazine that “did it for him.”  Not exactly your run of the mill pornography, such as Playboy, which is part of what made that so funny.

Now, skip ahead 18 years later…..

While standing in line at the grocery store with my 13 year old daughter, purchasing diapers for my little ones, I glace over next to the packs of gum, move past the soap opera digest drama between Bo & Hope and what do I see?  Britney Spears on the cover of Cosmo magazine, showing off her naval, a lot of it.  Once you get past the fact that “SEX” is mentioned six times on the cover, including the headline “Sex on your period, its so worth it,” it all gets tied together nicely with Britney’s crucifix tatoo, just above her crotch.  How flattered Jesus must be.

Back in 1992 this probably would not have offended me.  In fact, I probably would have even picked it up and started glancing at it.  Perhaps my moral compass was broken at the time, but whatever the reason was then, the fact of the matter is that now, 18 years later, standing in line with my 13 year old, innocent yet impressionable daughter, I see how wrong this is on so many levels.  Insulting and degrading to God, woman, young girls and society in general.

Is this really how screwed up our society has become?  Don’t get me wrong, I am not a prude, nor a socialist by any strercth of the imagination.  I am a true capitalist and have no problem with Glamour, Cosmo, or any magazine earning money and capitalizing off of Britney on the cover or plastering “SEX” all over the cover, as sadly, this is what sells in our society.  At the very least though, there should definitely be some sort of regulation that forces magazines like Glamour or Cosmo to move their magazines away from the check stands and perhaps cover them, just like the other pornography that is sold.  Hopefully Time Magazine and Newsweek will keep their stuff rated PG.