Don’t Do This and Don’t Do That


During our network meeting this morning it was such a downer to hear some of the other professions speak.

First the herbalist/accupuncturist told us how bad certain foods are to our digestive tract, such as citrus acids found in orange juice or the effects of soda carbonation on our bodies.

Next the dental assistant told us about certain foods and sugars and the effects on our teeth, such as soda, mentioned again. The carbonation eats away at our tooth enamel. The sugars cause cavities. She even knocked gatorade (the drink of world class athletes and doctor recommendation for dehydration) because of the sugars.

Even the auto mechanic chimed in about how coca-cola works really well to clean the acid buildup off a car battery. And how a rusty nail will dissolve over time in a cup of soda.

The dental woman recommended rinsing and drinking regular tap water for the fluoride benefits, particularly after drinking red wine which stains teeth (but supposedly lower risk of heart disease). As for tap water, how many people these days choose bottled water over tap. Weren’t we told to drink bottled or filtered water due to all the pollution, chemicals and minerals in tap water? But we need an important mineral of tap water in fluoride. Then we have those cancer causing plastic that holds the very same bottled water we need to drink, to avoid the potential cancer from drinking the tap water.

When does it end? Low-fat, low-carb, high protein, vegetarian, low sodium, high fiber, sugar-free, processed, whole grain, multi-grain, health grain, saturated fats, trans-fats, good cholesterol, bad cholesterol, the sun causes skin cancer, but sun has essential vitamins and lack of sun can cause depression. When does it end?

Makes you want to crawl into a corner in fetal position with a bag of ricecakes and soy milk. Which is probably a good idea, since that combo leads to a bad case of gas.

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