Universal HealthCare

>I had to refrain from throwing my cup of coffee at the television this morning, as I watched one Republican, one Independent and two democrats debate on Meet the Press with David Gregory. As a side note, I must give credit where credit is due…I was very disappointed to hear that Gregory was the permanent replacement to the late Tim Russert. The Gregory that I was familiar with, was the very liberal NBC/MSNBC reporter that often showed his bias while covering the previous Bush administration. I must say however, that he has done a very decent job as moderator of Meet The Press. He has shown me the ability to ask tough questions to both sides of the aisle. Today was no exception, as his panel debated the recent passing of the Senate HealthCarebill.

Back to my coffee throwing…..
While Gregory was doing his part to ask some tough questions, and the two democrats on the panel stood by their liberal values, it was very frustrating to hear Senator Diane Fienstein (D) from California (a train wreck state that she has presided over for many years while it has eroded) to say that “we are the only industrialized nation to not have universal healthcare” and “we have one of the worst healthcare systems in the world.” Even more frustrating than that, was Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchenson (R) from Texas (whose base is very much against government run healthcare) not challenging Sen. Feinstein on these comments. She and the entire panel and host stood by, as Feinstein bashed our country’s healthcare.
For all you Republicans out there, here are some key talking points for the party. For all of you Democrats out there, here is a reality check for you and your party. I would first like to point out to you all, especially Michael Moore, that people risk their lives (some actually die) trying to escape socialist Cuba and Fidel Castro’s supposed “great universal heathcare and education systems.” People come from all over the world to try and get into this country, legally and illegally. Why is that? How often do you hear of cancer patients, fleeing the United States to get treated in Canada, England, Germany or Russia? As a matter of fact, I believe the Saudi Royal Prince, one of the richest men in the world, came to America to be treated for his cancer. Looking for the best treatment money can buy. That is not what the democrats, Feinstein, Soros, Moore and the like, will have you believe.
Our so-called “worst healthcare system in the world” has the most preventive medicine machines (such as MRI, CT scans, etc) per capita, than any other country, by far. We do the most prescreening and preventive treatments than any other country, have the highest survival rate of cancer, lead the world in medical discoveries, Nobel Prizes for medicine, have the best medical schools, hospitals and doctors. Yet, most fail to mention these crucial facts when debating healthcare and pointing fingers. To me, it is unpatriotic to bash our healthcare system or stand by when others say that our healthcare system should be like other Universal Healthcare systems. On the contrary, this country has the greatest healthcare system in the world. Is it perfect, absolutely NOT! There are flaws (denial of coverage, fraud, cost, tort reform), and those flaws should be debated and corrected. NOT a complete scrapping of the best system in the world, in exchange for something we cannot afford, run by the government who cannot successfully run anything.
So, the next time I hear someone bashing our HealthCare system, I urge them and those around them to remember the Statue of Liberty and what is symbolizes. “Give us your tired, YOUR SICK, your poor….” Otherwise, I would be happy to refer you to my travel agent who can help you book your next flight to Cuba or Venezuela for you to receive treatment for what ails you.

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