Veteran’s Day?

>Two days before our country celebrates our Veterans, the Iranians continue to taunt President Obama, making him look like a weak leader of a once mighty nation. Perhaps the Iranians are taking notes from the North Korean leaders. After campaigning on a strong foreign policy, particularly in Afghanistan, ten months into his presidency, Obama has displayed anything but a strong foreign policy. After completing his World Apology anti-Bush tour, apologizing to Europe and other nations for the United States being a superpower, veep Biden was right, “Obama will be tested.” In just the past few months, while Obama and the democratic congress have been distracted by the economic issues at home. The focus has almost entirely been on passing their Universal HealthCare with Cap and Trade as the proverbial global icing on the cake. All the while, North Korea is testing missiles, Iran is building nuclear weapons, Russia is supplying Nuclear weapons, China could care less (as long as their economy keeps growing and the natives do not get restless), and Afghanistan has become complete and utter chaos.

Months after the United States led the U.N. confrontation against Iran’s nuclear program and still no resolution in sight (following North Korean stall tactics by the book), Tehran announced that Iran has charged three U.S. citizens with espionage, punishable by death (also following the North Korean’s playbook from the U.S. journalists that were sentenced and ultimately freed by former U.S. President Clinton). The Americans were detained by Iranian forces late July after the three strayed into Iran from northern Iraq, while hiking. This latest move by Iran is yet another “slap in the face” of America and our President.
Many weeks have passed since General Mchrystal requested additional troops for Afghanistan and Obama has still yet to make a decision. While I can completely agree that in retrospect, it would have been better to take as much time as necessary to debate if we should have gone to war with Iraq. The difference is that we are already at war with Afghanistan. Debate time is over. You now have American troops in harms way, dying for our country. This is not the time to spend months thinking about what to do. The General that President Obama appointed to lead the war in Afghanistan has asked for backup. You either send the additional troops, as quickly as is possible, or you pullout of Afghanistan completely and as quickly as possible, but you do not leave American troops in the line of fire, with a lack of proper resources. Either of those two options should have been completed upon request. Either that or you reassign (fire) your General in charge if you disagree with his recommendation.
While the rest of the world looks on, wondering what grade Obama will get on Professor Biden’s midterm, our enemies continue to taunt and play games with our President. I can only hope and pray that the recent secret meetings between Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Russia, along with yesterday’s secret meeting between Netanyahu and Obama, means that the United States and Israel, with or without the help of Russia, are ready to finally get tough and stop the stalling tactics of Iran. Perhaps for whatever reason, Obama wanted to wait until Veteran’s Day to unveil his plans for Iran and Afghanistan. Either that, or Israel let Obama and Medvedev know that since the United States, Russia and China are going to continue to let Iran jerk the rest of the world around, that they will be taking military action against a regime that continues to fund and arm Hezbollah, cause chaos in Iraq, and continues its nuclear weapons program, in violation of UN resolutions.
The time has come for President Obama to show his support for our troops and make the difficult decisions that the leader of the free world must make.

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