Viagra and North Korea

>Maybe it is just me and my own paranoia, but it looks as though the little dictator in North Korea is trying to bait President Obama into making a move.  North Korea recently sentenced two United States journalists to 12 years prison, in a hard labor camp.  Kim Jong Il who has been shooting off missiles and nuclear weapons like fourth of July fireworks, now has basically taken two U.S. journalists hostage.  The scary thing is that although Kim Jong Il is a crazy madman, with major health issues and nothing to lose, he is also very smart and calculating.  This evil dictator knows that President Obama and the United States are in no way going to start Korean War II and risk upsetting the Chinese or worse, having communist China side with North Korea and face that battle.  North Korea also knows that American troops although very capable, are currently spread too thin with their battles in the Middle East (Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan).

They also know that Obama has an upstart Russia to worry about and cannot take on this battle right now.  Sanctions with North Korea has obviously done nothing all of these years.  More sanctions will do nothing.  This basically renders the United States, impotent in this situation, while a crazy dictator with an American calendar on his desk, sits and plans his next move, to bait the United States.  Lets just hope that Fourth of July becomes nothing more than more missile testing and baiting by North Korea, not the beginning of a new Korean War II.