>When you turn on the news, all you hear about is how bad the economy is.  Especially with GM preparing to file for bankruptcy on Monday morning.  Sure, that is a pretty sad day when such an iconic American company like General Motors, has to file for bankruptcy.  Sad, yes.  Scary, NO!

What does scare me, is the fact that North Korea, governed by a 4 footed, mad scientist, Kim Jong Il, not only has nuclear weapons, but has been testing them of late, almost on a daily basis.  He also happens to choose significant dates, such as “Memorial Day,” to launch a missile.  Not only is he a crazy man, that starves his own people, and spews anti-American propaganda, but he is obviously quite smart and calculating.  To make matters worse, this is an aging lunatic that had a stroke and knows that his days are numbered.  What would he have to lose by launching a full-scale nuclear war?  Yet the media chooses to talk about GM, the housing market and the economy, and only mentions, in passing, that “North Korea tested another missile today.”
It has always been my understanding that “National Security” is job one when it comes to our Federal Government and President.  How come I do not hear any tough talk coming from the president and our congress?  Is it because they are all too busy worrying about their re-election and supreme court nominations and the unions of GM?  Do they not realize that none of that will matter if Korean War II breaks out?
North Korea declared on May 27th, that they were no longer bound by the 1953 Armistice Agreement.  The agreement that ended the Korean War.  The north claim that South Korea and the United States had violated the agreement by the U.S. led initiative that is focusing on stopping North Korean vessels involved in the transfer of nuclear or missile technology to other states.  I don’t know about you, but that sounds to me an awful lot like a “declaration of war.”  Yet, no media coverage or presidential press conferences regarding this matter.  I guarantee that President Obama will be speaking on Monday, about GM and its declaration of bankruptcy.  Not a word about North Korea and the possibility of a full-scale nuclear war.  I guarantee you that Japan and South Korea are leading their nightly news with this story.
Instead of treating this like an rerun of MASH episodes, our president needs to get tough.  Let me be clear, although some may think I am just “crying wolf,” others understand the significance.  I am in no way suggesting that the United States and Obama should be declaring war on North Korea and start bombing them back to the Stone Age.  What I am suggesting is that Obama get tough with the two countries that can put an immediate end to North Korea’s “War Games.”  Those two countries are China and Russia.  North Korea would not exist without China and their help.  One word from China, who is the only country that can have “meaningful” economic sanctions against North Korea.  One word, “ENOUGH!”  Although it would probably sound more powerful in Chinese or Korean.  Obama, along with Japan and South Korea, needs to get tough with China and Russia and demand that they talk to North Korea and have them put and end to their nuclear program and missile testing.  Put and end to it, before someone gets hurt, or worse, “M.A.D!”