100 Days

>Tonight we get to hear Barack Obama speak on his first 100 days in office.  I am sure that we will hear a lot about how bad the mess is that was “inherited,” from the previous administration.  And how bad things are right now, and then a lot of mumbojumbo about how we are already starting to see the positive effects of what this current administration has done, and all of its improvements.

Now, by now means am I a fan of the previous (Bush) administration.  I do not agree with ANY of this “pork filled” stimulus package, nor bank bailout, nor automakers bailout, which was started by the Bush administration.  But Obama’s 100 days are up, and that broken record of, “the economy that we inherited,” is starting to get old, really fast.  Bush is no longer in office, Obama is, and this country now needs to look forward at how best to fix what is broken.  Let history judge who, what and how we got into this mess.  The time for change that was often promised during Obama’s campaign, has yet to show its face.  Have not seen the man who promised to go through the budget, “line by line, and eliminate pork waste.
The time for change was 99 days ago.